Oregon City's Jughandle Project


Welcome to the City of Oregon City’s Jughandle Project website – your source for news and information about the construction of improvements to Highway 213, Washington Street, Clackamas River Drive, and Redland Road.

The Jughandle Project improvements are designed to reduce congestion and enhance safety on Highway 213 near the Interstate 205 interchange. Construction of the project began in spring 2011 and will conclude by spring 2013. The City, in partnership with the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT), is using night work and a rapid bridge construction method to ensure that during the vast majority of the project’s construction, all travel lanes on Highway 213 will be open to traffic in the daytime.

Please explore this website to learn more about the project’s purpose,design, and how it will modify some local routes of travel. You can also check back to this page throughout construction for updates on the project’s current and upcoming work (posted below).

Follow the action with live pictures of Highway 213 from the Jughandle Project Construction Cam.



December 18, 2012: The City and its contractor have completed major construction operations for the Highway 213 Jughandle Project. Temporary speed limit reductions in the work zone have been removed.

The contractor will occasionally be on site, making minor touch-ups, through the end of February 2013. Traffic impacts during this period will be limited to intermittent single travel lane closures.

Permanent striping for the travel lanes on Clackamas River Drive, Prairie Schooner Way, and Redland Road has been rescheduled for late spring 2013 because several consecutive days of dry weather are needed to apply the striping material. Permanent striping will not involve changes to the current travel lane configuration.

Landscapers will also wait for dry weather in spring 2013 to plant shrubs on steep slopes adjacent to Washington Street, Prairie Schooner Way and Clackamas River Drive. Final planting of trees and shrubs at the project’s environmental mitigation site near the Main Street extension will also be completed in spring 2013.